Cochran Family - Vintage Beach Session

I'm holding my very first styled mini sessions this summer and when I posted about looking for a VW bus to rent, my friend Kristin had the perfect idea to make these sessions amazing!  Vintage surfer look?  YES MA'AM.  

Kristin's kids are no stranger to the camera and they were so easy to work with (and I think they had fun too!).

So there's a story here behind these surfboards you see.

Kristin's brother served in the Marines (Marine Corps Corporal, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2nd BN, 3rd MAR).  At one point, he was stationed in Hawaii.  Stephen was an avid surfer and was seriously the most tanned guy EVER.

Stephen lost his life in 2004 while fighting for our country.  His family has kept these surfboards to remember him by.

I know this probably just looks like a really cool styled session but there is such a sweetness in these photos.  So much love.

So like I said, these kids are no stranger to the camera.  I think this is the third time I've photographed them??  They're total naturals.

DO YOU SEE THIS CUTE LITTLE BOY?  He is perfection.  <3

One final shot to share.  I knew the moment Kristin mentioned her brother's boards, I had to recreate this shot.  The top photo is Stephen from when he was stationed in Hawaii.  When I think of Stephen, I think of this photo.  The bottom photo is Kristin's son Kason.  

Man, I'm going to be honest-it hurt my heart to stage this and photograph it and it hurt even more to edit it.  But oh the sweetness in this image.  

I'm so grateful to be able to capture these images.

If you're interested in booking a vintage beach session for your own children/family, please visit the link below.

Kaytlin's Senior Session

Kaytlin was one of my senior reps for Brazosport and I was lucky enough to teach her for two years as well!  This girl is just stunning and such a natural model.


We shot Kaytlin's session down at the Surfside Jetties near sunset.  I love shooting at the Jetties because of the awesome painted buildings!

Kaytlin's mom did her makeup for her session and guys, it is FLAWLESS.  

I somehow managed to capture this gorgeous sunset too!

Kaytlin picked up this beautiful yellow dress at Old Navy and with this big floppy hat, it was the perfect look!


Seniors here tend to get their cap and gown pretty late so we did a quick little cap and gown session in May.  This way, Kaytlin got to show off her college shirt too!

Kaytlin is heading off to Wharton Junior College on a volleyball scholarship!  Congrats girl!!

Darian's Senior Session

I've been lucky enough to take Darian's family pictures for the past few years and they are such an awesome family!  I was so happy when his mom asked me to be his senior photographer.


We shot at Darian's uncle's land out near Sweeny and it was so beautiful!  It was right on the water with an amazing train car, barns and farm animals.

Darian's family and girlfriend tagged along and I'm pretty sure they made him feel like papparazzi were all around him.  ;p

Darian is definitely comfortable in front of the camera and such a good sport!

This tractor belonged to his grandpa!  Isn't it awesome?

Darian was eagerly awaiting being able to take pictures with his bike so of course, we had to make that happen!

Congratulations Darian!  I'm so glad I got to be your senior photographer.  :)

Laura's Senior Session

Laura was my 2017 senior rep for Brazoswood and guys, she is so sweet and so stunning.  It was pretty funny because I made the comment about how she's such a natural in front of the camera and Laura admitted she practices by taking lots and lots of selfies!  ;p


Laura was actively involved in Theater at Brazoswood and participated in One Act Play.  Seeing how comfortable she was in front of the camera, I can definitely tell she's just as talented on the stage!

We chose to double up on Laura's session and do half at Brazosport College and half at the Surfside Jetties where we found the most perfect patch of sunflowers!

What I failed to remember was that it was Labor Day.  Probably not my smartest moment as a photographer.  It's kinda hard working around 42983432 billion people packed into the same spot.  See Exhibit A.

But we made it work!!  See Exhibit B.

To make things even better (because really, what could make tiptoeing around a bazillion people at the beach better?), we saw a waterspout.


So now Laura has a senior portrait with a waterspout in the background.  Who else can say that?!?

I'm so happy that I had Laura on team, she was such a wonderful young lady!  Best wishes at Texas State!  Eat em up Cats!  :)

Emmie's Senior Session

Emmie was my first senior of the 2017 season and also one of my Brazosport reps!  I was lucky enough to have her as a student her senior year too-so I've really enjoyed getting to know her throughout her senior year.


We did Emmie's pictures mostly around downtown Freeport.  If you're a photographer and you've never visited downtown Freeport, you are missing out!  While it's pretty deserted, it offers SO MUCH in the way of backgrounds and awesome little spots.  

Also, I have to mention Emmie's amazing sense of style.  I'm pretty sure I wanted to take every single outfit home with me (especially this denim jumper!!!  I had flashbacks to the 90's!).

I've shot in and around downtown Freeport several times.  My mantra is "the uglier, the better" when it comes to looking for cool spots.  Paint peeling off a broken down building?  I'm all about it.  Graffiti all over the walls? Perfect!  

I don't know if you can really see Emmie's gorgeous Stuart Wieztman shoes in these shots but trust me-they were sparkly and oh so pretty!

And check out this adorable watermelon print blouse Emmie ordered from!  I LOVE IT.  

I'm so grateful to have had this sweet, funny girl as my student and my rep.  She was definitely a highlight of my year!

Mariah's Senior Session

What happens when senior season hits and you're a full-time teacher?

You don't blog since January, that's what.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to work hard to get all of my 2017 seniors blogged so you guys can see!  So let's get started with the beautiful Mariah from Brazosport!


We decided to shoot Mariah's senior session at Brazosport College.  I know BC is a pretty common choice for people in our area but it really is such a good location!  Good light, nice variety of backgrounds-it's such an easy place to photograph.


Mariah has such an awesome sense of style as well, she's just a natural model!  She definitely made photographing her easy.


Mariah was lucky enough to have a family friend who owned this AMAZING car (that I was legit scared to touch) and allowed her to borrow it for a few shots!  

Mariah will be heading off to the University of Texas at San Antonio in the fall to be a Roadrunner!  I'm so proud of her and so happy I got to have her as a senior rep this year.

Kaycee's Senior Session

Kaycee is one of my 2017 Senior Reps from Columbia High School.  She texted me one day asking to do a water session (styled/themed sessions give me LIFE ya'll) and literally the next day, my amazing MUA Laura texted and asked to collaborate on a water shoot!

True story.

And so this session was born.  Of course we did traditional senior photos.


We decided on Cornerstone Church for our location.  If you've never been there, I'd highly encourage it!  It's such a beautiful place!


Laura did such a fantastic job on Kaycee's makeup.  Pretty sure that wing was sharp enough to cut someone.  ;p  

Kaycee is currently taking medical classes so she wanted to incorporate that into her senior photos!  

For the water portion of the shoot, we were lucky enough to be able to use a friend's pond in their backyard.  Now of course (because I'm terribly unlucky), we happened to do this shoot the coldest weekend so far of the season.  

Of course.

But it was all good because Kaycee is a trooper!  If you were following me on Snapchat at the time, I'm sure you enjoyed all the behind the scenes shots my MUA Laura took on my phone.  At one point, I looked like a frog trying to position myself so I could get the shot without getting my camera wet!

I froze my butt off, nearly slipped and fell and got at least 5 gallons of water in my rain boots.  BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

A New Year...

I've been doing photography for nearly 7 years now and I finally sat down and decided man....I need to blog my sessions!  I know I'm behind the times with this but hey, better late than never!

I figured I'd start with my recently completed session, Samantha (Sammie), a senior at Brazosport High School and one of my 2017 JSP Senior Reps!  Sammie is just the cutest thing and I'm pretty sure she's never taken a bad photo in her life.  ;p


We decided to shoot at Brazosport College and totally lucked out on the weather-somehow we managed to score sunshine AND a cold front!  You don't know how awesome that is unless you live in Southeast Texas!


I'll get the blog post up soon but if you follow my Facebook page, you'll know we did a 1940's theme for my senior rep shoot this year.  Ya'll, I've determined Sammie is a 1940's girl stuck in 2017.  That decade definitely suited her!


Sammie is beautiful, isn't she?  <3