A New Year...

I've been doing photography for nearly 7 years now and I finally sat down and decided man....I need to blog my sessions!  I know I'm behind the times with this but hey, better late than never!

I figured I'd start with my recently completed session, Samantha (Sammie), a senior at Brazosport High School and one of my 2017 JSP Senior Reps!  Sammie is just the cutest thing and I'm pretty sure she's never taken a bad photo in her life.  ;p


We decided to shoot at Brazosport College and totally lucked out on the weather-somehow we managed to score sunshine AND a cold front!  You don't know how awesome that is unless you live in Southeast Texas!


I'll get the blog post up soon but if you follow my Facebook page, you'll know we did a 1940's theme for my senior rep shoot this year.  Ya'll, I've determined Sammie is a 1940's girl stuck in 2017.  That decade definitely suited her!


Sammie is beautiful, isn't she?  <3