Cochran Family - Vintage Beach Session

I'm holding my very first styled mini sessions this summer and when I posted about looking for a VW bus to rent, my friend Kristin had the perfect idea to make these sessions amazing!  Vintage surfer look?  YES MA'AM.  

Kristin's kids are no stranger to the camera and they were so easy to work with (and I think they had fun too!).

So there's a story here behind these surfboards you see.

Kristin's brother served in the Marines (Marine Corps Corporal, Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2nd BN, 3rd MAR).  At one point, he was stationed in Hawaii.  Stephen was an avid surfer and was seriously the most tanned guy EVER.

Stephen lost his life in 2004 while fighting for our country.  His family has kept these surfboards to remember him by.

I know this probably just looks like a really cool styled session but there is such a sweetness in these photos.  So much love.

So like I said, these kids are no stranger to the camera.  I think this is the third time I've photographed them??  They're total naturals.

DO YOU SEE THIS CUTE LITTLE BOY?  He is perfection.  <3

One final shot to share.  I knew the moment Kristin mentioned her brother's boards, I had to recreate this shot.  The top photo is Stephen from when he was stationed in Hawaii.  When I think of Stephen, I think of this photo.  The bottom photo is Kristin's son Kason.  

Man, I'm going to be honest-it hurt my heart to stage this and photograph it and it hurt even more to edit it.  But oh the sweetness in this image.  

I'm so grateful to be able to capture these images.

If you're interested in booking a vintage beach session for your own children/family, please visit the link below.